Home Building Contractors – What to Do If You Have a Bad Contractor

It’s probably going to happen at some point. You’re likely to find that you’re working with a builder or subcontractor that you’re not happy with. For you and your project, you’ll come to the conclusion that this person or company is just not working out and is causing you pain and frustration.Question: How do you deal with a bad contractor?Answer: The short and quick answer is … don’t. Fire them! After all, why would you go on and on working with someone who is either dishonest, shifty, lazy, or lacking in skills and not giving you what you want? You shouldn’t! Not rectifying this bad situation quickly is the most common reason for poor home building experiences.Now, this answer is not meant to be legal advice in any way. You may have to get professional legal counsel to deal with whatever contract or agreement you signed and entered into. But, in most situations, you should have the right to fire.Yet, there’s an over-arching answer here. There are ways to set things up in the beginning to prevent most sticky situations, solve them more easily when they arise, and make it easier to rid yourself of a bad builder.Crystal Clear AgreementsThe best answer I can give to this question is to never put yourself into the position of not knowing what to do or how to do it. Start your project with clear agreements that include:
When the project will be started and completed
The cost and types of materials to be used
A clear understanding of the project with a detailed description
A schedule of communications and your expectations
How payments are to be made and what amounts are withheld until final approvals
Professional Home Building AdvisorThe third bullet point above is a source of many disagreements and confusion. It’s often difficult for the client to convey what they want to their subcontractors. There are several reasons for this. Home building jargon can be confusing, communication and listening skills can be lacking, and house plans may not convey complete specifications.This is an excellent reason to use a Home Building Coach. An experienced coach, who works directly for you, can far more easily get your wishes across to your contractors. It’s worth a little extra money to get what you want and avoid major problems.Finally, at least for this discussion, agree upon how disagreements will be handled, and get everything in writing!Knowledge and professional guidance gives you the upper hand.